Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we make New Year’s resolutions….that we usually don’t keep past a month or so. The locker room at the gym will be crowded until mid-February (or I assume it will be – I won’t be there!), we’ll focus on eating vegetables until that busy night when we break down and order pizza, and we’ll diligently save all our pocket change until we get tired of making rolls of quarters. Then it’s back to the same behavior for 10 ½ months, until January 1st rolls around again and we say “This year, it will be different.”
For the young mothers who we support in our AYM housing program, this year is different. They have decided to make changes in their lives that will positively impact them and their children for years to come. And although many of these resolutions can be difficult to stick to, these moms are doing their best.
“Lucinda” is focused on finding a higher-paying job that matches the career training she received while living at AYM. Now a graduate of AYM I and living in AYM II with her two children, Lucinda obtained a medical certificate while living at AYM and is intent on building a career in this area. Right now she’s working a job that is not in her field of interest until she finds other employment. She’s caring for two children on her own, saving money when she can, and has a cheerful disposition even when times are tough.
“Bridget” is also positive, despite her situation. Having recently given birth to a son, she entered the AYM program after sleeping in her car and living in an emergency shelter for single adults. Since moving into a stable place to live, Bridget has interviewed for jobs, obtained important documents such as a birth certificate and social security card, and saw a medical professional for a physical. Traveling throughout the county on public transportation with a young child, Bridget has a can-do attitude and is looking forward to working full time.
Lastly, “Lonnie” is working part-time while attending school and caring for her daughter. She is hoping to begin a career in the medical field after finishing her certificate program and will be graduating AYM in January after 18 months. She has been connected with medical services for her daughter, who has developmental delays due to a genetic disorder, purchased her own car, and has earned high grades in her college classes. She is looking ahead to living independently with the money she has saved while in the AYM program.
Kind of inspiring, isn’t it?

Meghan Huebner

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