Monday, January 9, 2012

Assisting Young Mothers Clients say Thanks

Here are some of the “Thank You’s” AYM would like to extend to our generous holiday donors!

To whom this may concern,
Thank you for taking the time to go out and dedicate your time for my son and I. Everything came in handy. I am appreciative and grateful for what we received. I was definitely in need of some pajamas in his size. I just wanted to take this time on behalf of everyone and thank all of you. I want to also thank you all for the items I received as well. Thank you, the gifts were beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank You.

Thank You! We loved our presents, especially the Ravens gear.

Thank you for making Christmas for me and my child worth waking up to. Seeing the smile on my daughter’s face was enough to last me the rest of the year. Everything was appreciated and loved. Thank You all

To who ever made Christmas this year amazing,
To see the see the smile on my daughters face on Christmas morning was something I’ll never forget. The time dedicated by you to provide us with such an unforgettable day for my child is so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Dear Generous Stranger,
You have helped make my son’s first Christmas so meaningful. All of the clothes fit perfectly and they look great. He was very excited about the construction toy that he received as well. I am extremely thankful for the clothes and bottle rack for my next son. I adore my bath set! Thank you for all my gifts.

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