Monday, January 16, 2012

I’m a 17 year old who has problems with my father

Each year, our teen shelter provides support to hundreds of teens, both over the phone and in person. As a staff member, I frequently talk to teens, families, and others who work with teens about the benefits of our program. But I can’t say it nearly as well as someone who is in the program:

“My situation is clear and simple. Pretty much I’m a 17 year old who has various problems with my father. We have disagreements over any and everything there is which kind of explains my situation….

I wouldn’t say I’m homeless, but at the same time I would because … going back home with my father is no longer an option, so independence is definitely the key to survival.

Since I’ve been here at the Alternative House I’ve been extremely comfortable and I feel as though this was the home and environment I needed to be an even better person than what I’m already am. Even meeting new kids and listening to different stories and situations is definitely cool. The staff here have reached out to me on countless occasions and definitely considered me part of their family. The help received has been absolutely amazing, I feel like the attention is all for me and they pretty much provide you with an extra hand whenever you need it….Alternative House is definitely teen friendly and if you’re having countless problems at home, or if you know home is no longer an option I would recommend A.H. especially if independence is needed throughout your struggles and obstacles A.H. will definitely work.”

- Shelter Resident

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