Monday, August 8, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo by a Shelter Resident

Wake up! As one of the staff yells to the fellow residents as the sun is rushing to show. Residents got up and out the door by 7:00 am and headed immediately to a fun adventure at the D.C animal zoo. Everyone tried to stay positive, we had to take a detour because one of our staff members got lost and drove around in circles. While that was going on, one of our residents became car sick and barfed. Staff immediate stopped the car at the nearest sidewalk, and waited for him to finish. Finally back on the road, we were jamming to our radio tunes. We were headed on our way to the zoo determined for no more detours. Arriving at the zoo, we first got breakfast sandwiches. After eating we saw the cheetahs lying still as they soaked up morning sun. Then walking around we saw pandas peeling and eating bamboo. The Lionesses and her cubs playfully fighting were also great. The aged tiger yelling helplessly at his audience, great to see how a tiger calls out. The naked mole-rats scattering around looking for breakfast; Armadillos hiding in their little ball scared of all the eyes. Starry eyed owls that often looked lost. Long stretching zebras that stayed near home around family. Lazy bears who weren’t interested in giving us a show. Watching the Gorilla family as the mother’s breast drooped to her knees. Exotic energetic monkeys who kept climbing. Beautiful underwater plants, above ground plants and many more. Residents enjoyed a mix up for group and had fun with the bond they had with Mother Nature.

Shelter Resident
16 year old, male

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  1. Great account of the trip and all the zoo has to offer. I love this line "Armidillos hiding in their little ball scared of all the eyes". The naked molerats are so strange-looking and fascinating. This descriptive blog was well-written, yet the writer kept it real "resident became sick and barfed". Yep, sounds like a teen!