Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shelter Volunteer finds a position on our AYM staff

I chose to volunteer at the Alternative House due to the horrible job market and economy when I graduated from James Madison University. I had been a waitress all throughout college and on breaks so that I could pay for college, thus I did not really have that much experience in my field. It sounds cliché to say that my passion is helping people, especially troubled teens, but ever since I was young that is what I knew I wanted to do. I volunteered at the Alternative House for approximately a year and a half. I felt at home almost immediately when I entered AH, the counselors were very upbeat, refreshing and honest. The program at AH, the more I learned about it, was something I was proud to be a part of. About a month ago I was encouraged to move forward with a career, to use my degree and my experience and make a place for myself in the world. I applied for the Program Assistant position in a program under the Alternative House, called Assisting Young Mothers or AYM. The experience and mentoring I received at AH along with my strengths were perfect assets in landing me the PA position. Programs like AH and AYM are a good example of what good people and good hearts can do, and how we can make a difference in people’s lives individually, in the families, and in the community. All of the programs underneath the umbrella of the Alternative House help populations that are so often overlooked, individuals who more often than not fall through the cracks of our society without someone taking so much as glance back. I think that every person can make a difference, some of the greatest leaders and icons of our time have come from troubled backgrounds and obstacle filled pasts; you cannot make it in this world without a little encouragement or a helping hand, which is what I believe AH gives to this vital population in our society. While I was sad to leave the Shelter at the Alternative House, I have found my place in the AYM program and am proud and happy to still be a part of the AH community.

Angel Cregge
Program Assistant
AYM (Assisting Young Mothers)
Alternative House

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