Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Homeless Youth Initiative Graduation

The Homeless Youth Initiative (HYI) is celebrating the end of the school year and the high school graduation of all 13 of our seniors. We could not be more proud that the program will have a 100% graduation rate this school year. High school graduation is a major accomplishment for any teenager, but particularly so for our clients who have had to pursue their education without the support of a parent or guardian. These students have not had the benefit of a parent to wake them up in the morning and ensure they go to school, a parent to drive them to school when they inevitably wake up late, or a parent to remind then that it is time to get off the computer in the evening and focus on their homework. These students have been able to find the internal drive and motivation to complete their academic course load and graduate with a high school diploma. The majority of these students are employed and living independently. Many of them support themselves financially and balance the real life challenges of being an adult, with the demands of being a high school student. Our graduates this year come from all three portions of our program: our group home, host homes and our rent voucher program. It is truly incredible for us as a staff to reflect on all these young people have accomplished, despite the turmoil and many transitions they have experienced. It has been our honor to support these students, celebrate their accomplishments and provide the occasional “tough love” moments that they have needed along the way.
Many of our seniors have elected to pursue a college education in the fall. We have five students going away to 4 year universities, three who plan to attend NOVA, one student who is enrolled in a full time nursing program and other students who continue to explore their options such as certificate programs, the military and AmeriCorps. We wish them continued success in all their endeavors!

Kristin Sorenson

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