Monday, August 9, 2010

Girl World for ages 9-12

Alternative House operates a program called Girl World at the Franconia Family Resource Center for girls ages 9 to 12. The girls get homework help and counseling, participate in life skills groups and recreation activities and go on field trips. We also try to identify needs the family have for food, clothing and community resources. Our Boys program provides the same services.

Here are some comments from three of the girls in the program this summer.

Fayra, age 12, “ Being at Girl World makes me want to give something back like the Culmore Clean-up Day and it makes me feel good about myself.”

Giselle, age 9, “This summer I was reading a lot and playing games. They gave me some clothes, snacks, food. I feel safe and happy.”

Maryori, age 11, “I helped with Culmore Clean-up Day and they gave me a shirt. They provide snacks and clothes and food for my family.”

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