Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tell Two Friends about our Teen Shelter

Whenever I watch the local news or read the newspaper, I find that I hold my breath and my heart beats faster when I come across a story involving teens that are missing, possibly runaways or teens that were involved in a traumatic incident – domestic violence, suicide, or a shooting. My mantra is “please don’t let it be one of our teens.” Then I wonder if this teen was aware of the services at the Alternative House teen crisis shelter? I wish that more teens had the opportunity to enter our program, to talk out the heavy demands of their life with a counselor and stay for a restorative period, trying to figure out how to improve their life. My hope is that word of the residential services Alternative House offers will reach as many teens as possible. Perhaps by coming to the Alternative House teen shelter, a potentially harmful situation could be avoided. After you read this, tell two friends about the teen shelter and ask them to tell two friends so we can spread the word and possibly provide assistance to a teen that is hurting, before they hurt themselves, someone else or a situation erupts that could cause lasting harm to the family. If you know of a speaking opportunity (PTA, homeowner’s association, youth group, or any gathering that involves parents of teens or teenagers) please call us as we have speakers available. I want teens to have a chance to choose to come to us.

Susie Guido, LPC
Residential Therapist

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